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The Second Degree of the Order, the Moose Legion, is the Service Degree. Since it's beginnings, the Moose Legion has always strived to work for the betterment of the Loyal Order of Moose while having fun in the process. The Moose Legion works to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven and any other worthwhile project of the Moose. The quarterly celebrations are a time of fun and fellowship for Moose Legion 82 where new candidates are enrolled, business is discussed, and Moose Legionaires gather. Bedford’s 1897 Moose Legion prides itself on supporting our Lodge in ongoing projects of community service and service to the order. The Moose Legion Degree is necessary in order to advance to the Higher Degrees of Fellowship and Pilgrim so if you haven't signed up yet you need to do so because "It's great to be a Moose Legionaire".
Join the best for less!!
A $10 enrollment fee, plus one year's dues with a completed membership application is all it takes.
It's fun, it's service, it's doing something good for someone each day and....................
IT'S UP TO YOU...........
To take the next step in fraternalism by joining the Moose Legion!
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lodge legion committee meets the second Thursday each month at 6:30 PM